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Get to know the Potting Shed Team and all their little quirks!

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Job Status
Office Assistant
Role Only Using Emojis
If you happen to get an email from our guy Louis (Lou-Man), know that you are in capable hands. Louis ensures that surfing through your website is a smooth, easy to navigate experience. When he's not working, he enjoys long walks with his pal Obie.
Describe your job to someone who doesn't work within the industry.

Urrgh, I work with computers.

How do you handle creative blocks?

Good old fresh air!

What industry trend are you most excited for this year?

AI Technology

Give the fans a glimpse of your quirky side

Absolutely not.

What is a common myth about your job?

I know how to fix all software issues.

How do you handle tight deadlines without compromising on quality?

Can't we just extend the deadline?

What's one tool or software that you can't live without?

My right hand (to use the mouse).

Top 3 songs on your playlist at the moment?

Africa - Toto x3

Coffee, Tea or Energy Drink?

Beer 🍻