Breathing Life into The Potting Shed Agency!

The Potting Shed

The birth of The Potting Shed Agency came from the realisation within our sister company Greenhouse Creative. As we tended to the growth of numerous businesses, we noticed a missed opportunity – the potential of small businesses seeking tailored solutions to nurture their growth.
June 12, 2023

Identifying the Challenge

Breathing life to The Potting Shed Agency!

One of the primary challenges was to establish a distinct identity and positioning for The Potting Shed while ensuring it remained somewhat complementary to its sister company, Greenhouse Creative. The aim is to differentiate The Potting Shed as a specialised agency dedicated to serving the specific needs of startups and small businesses, filling the gap left by Greenhouse Creative's focus on larger clients.

Second challenge was to develop a brand that resonated with small businesses and conveyed a sense of authenticity, trust, and understanding. The brand needed to communicate The Potting Shed's passion for empowering small businesses and its commitment to helping them thrive. It was crucial to strike the right balance between professionalism and approachability, ensuring that small businesses felt welcomed and supported throughout their brand journey.

Additionally, creating a clear value proposition and service offering for The Potting Shed was essential. The agency needed to clearly articulate the unique benefits it brings to small businesses, showcasing its expertise in areas such as branding, web design, marketing, and strategic growth solutions. The challenge was to communicate these offerings in a way that small businesses could easily grasp and connect with, emphasising the tangible results and growth opportunities that The Potting Shed brings to the table.

Lastly, the challenge was to position The Potting Shed as a trusted partner and advocate for small businesses, addressing their specific challenges and providing tailored solutions to help them flourish and achieve their goals.

The Potting Shed Approach

Prioritise, Plan, Review and Collaborate!

Throughout the branding process of The Potting Shed Agency, through a lot of internal collaboration, we prioritised our internal business planning and collaboration. We had a fine eye for attention to detail across all our strategies.

We wanted to ensure that our growth as an agency was supported by solid business strategies, a strong brand identity & digital presence, and practical marketing efforts. By focusing on crafting business plans and marketing strategies and refining internal processes, we positioned ourselves for success and growth in serving the needs of startups and small businesses before.

  1. Business Planning and Strategy: We began by diving deep into understanding our own business goals and the needs of our target audience. We crafted a comprehensive business plan and developed effective strategies to ensure our growth and success as a rebranded agency. This step allowed us to align our internal processes and establish a solid foundation for the rebrand.
  2. Brand Identity and Style: With a clear understanding of our business direction, we focused on developing a solid brand message, identity, and style that would resonate with our target market. This involved creating a distinctive visual identity, including a new brand suite, tone of voice, personality, colour palette, typography, and graphic elements.
  3. Website Development: A crucial part of bringing The Potting Shed Agency to life was developing a new website that would showcase our brand and effectively communicate who we are, what we do and what we as a company are trying to achieve. We focused on creating a user-friendly and visually appealing website that would provide a seamless browsing experience for our clients.
  4. Marketing Campaigns: We developed targeted marketing campaigns to spread the word about our rebrand and attract new clients. These campaigns encompassed various channels such as social media, email marketing, and online advertising. We created engaging and compelling content to highlight our unique value proposition and showcase the benefits of working with The Potting Shed.

Crafting the Solution

We are flourishing!

Through our collaboration and collective skills, we are so chuffed to bring The Potting Shed Agency's brand to you. Our process resulted in a refreshed and cohesive brand that perfectly represented our set out values, mission, and vision. Our brand now exudes professionalism, creativity, and approachability, attracting startups and small businesses seeking guidance and support.

The Brand

Our new brand suite for The Potting Shed encompasses a primary and secondary brand identity, as well as a stand alone brand mark that perfectly capture's the essence of our agency. The primary brand identity represents our core values and is prominently featured across our marketing materials, website, and digital platforms.

Our primary brand identity and brand mark feature a fluid design that incorporates the capital letters 'P', 'S', and 'A'. This intentional design choice not only represents The Potting Shed's initials but also symbolises the concept of water and its nurturing qualities. Just as water is essential for growth and vitality, our branding reflects our commitment to nourishing and cultivating your brand to help it flourish. The fluidity of the letters in our primary identity and brand mark embodies our dynamic approach to branding and signifies the transformative impact we can have on your business.

To ensure consistency and strengthen brand recognition, we rolled out our new brand suite across various outputs and collateral. This includes branded merchandise such as media walls, hoodies, shirts, mugs, and notepads, which not only reinforce our brand identity but also serve as effective marketing tools. By incorporating our brand suite into these tangible items, we create a cohesive and unified brand experience across different touch points.

The Website

With an in-house highly skilled web team, you know we were going to turn our website into a digital garden experience, that 'leaves' a lasting impression!

The newly developed website serves as an engaging platform that showcases our services, expertise, and client success stories. It effectively communicates our unique value proposition and provides a seamless user experience.

Built on the powerful Webflow platform, our team has designed and developed a user-friendly and visually stunning website that seamlessly integrates our brand message, brand identity, styles, and tone of voice. With a focus on delivering a seamless user experience, our website is responsive, interactive, and designed to captivate and engage visitors.

The Marketing

Additionally, our targeted marketing campaigns have significantly increased our brand visibility, attracting a wider audience and fostering meaningful connections with potential clients. We wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity to let our brand personality and authentic tone of voice shine.

Our primary goal was to connect with our audience on a deeper level, showcasing that we are real people who are genuinely dedicated to empowering startups and small businesses. By infusing our content with a relatable and approachable touch, we aimed to create engaging experiences that resonate with our audience's aspirations, challenges, and dreams. We believe that by being true to ourselves and expressing our genuine commitment, we can establish meaningful connections that inspire and uplift entrepreneurs on their journey to success. Join us on this remarkable adventure where engaging content comes alive, inviting you to be part of a vibrant community driven by passion and shared goals.

We feel the outcomes of our collective efforts have positioned The Potting Shed as a trusted partner for startups and small businesses, empowering them to grow, thrive, and achieve their goals.