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At our core, we're creative problem solvers who love blending data-driven insights with industry expertise to develop killer marketing strategies from which small businesses experience impressive growth.


Job Status
General Manager
Role Only Using Emojis
🤝 👨‍💻 🎯
The silverback of sales! Ben brings over 15 years of invaluable sales and project management experience to our team. During work hours, you'll find him skillfully guiding your business towards success, and outside of work, he effortlessly brings glory to the soccer team.
Describe your job to someone who doesn't work within the industry.

I sell our branding, web and marketing services, liaise with current clients and collaborate with our team on day-to-day work life.

How do you handle creative blocks?


What industry trend are you most excited for this year?

TikTok for showing a businesses personality.

Give the fans a glimpse of your quirky side

Golf. Not wacky, but if you've played you'll also wonder why.

What is a common myth about your job?

Management is easier than everyday contribution.

How do you handle tight deadlines without compromising on quality?

Good communication and clear briefs

What's one tool or software that you can't live without?


Top 3 songs on your playlist at the moment?

1. Tyler, The Creator - Yonkers

2. Jay 1, Hutch - Sunshine

3. Dave, Central Cee - Sprinter

Coffee, Tea or Energy Drink?

Coffee. Flat white.