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Job Status
Senior Designer
Role Only Using Emojis
This magical creature has been bringing brands to life for over seven years. Her special ability to sprinkle some magic fairy dust on her designs probably comes from her passion for getting lost in fantasy novels.
Describe your job to someone who doesn't work within the industry.

How do you handle creative blocks?

Pinterest always gets the ideas flowing.

What industry trend are you most excited for this year?

I think there's been an uptick in appreciation for good branding, which makes it an exciting time to be creating brands.

Give the fans a glimpse of your quirky side

Reading fantasy novels and listening to Taylor Swift is as wacky as it gets.

What is a common myth about your job?

How do you handle tight deadlines without compromising on quality?

In design, you could keep tweaking things forever. Recognising when you've hit the brief and got a great outcome, and forcing yourself to stop trying new things for the sake of it, is really useful for sticking to a deadline.

What's one tool or software that you can't live without?

Illustrator 🫶

Top 3 songs on your playlist at the moment?

1. love is embarrassing

2. Olivia Rodrigo Abstract (Psychopomp)

3. Hozier What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Paranoid - The Beaches

Coffee, Tea or Energy Drink?

Coffee!! But also tea.