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Revolutionise your business processes and elevate your efficiency with our Formitize integration solution.

We're committed to delivering smooth experiences for our small business allies. This commitment shines through our collaboration with Formitize. By integrating your website with your Formitize account, we ensure a smooth user journey. This allows potential leads to effortlessly send inquiries and job requests via the website, which then directly populate in your Formitize platform. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to a centralised data source for your business. It exemplifies our dedication to harnessing technology for process enhancement and aiding our clients in refining their operations.

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Your new website could include an incredible integration with your Formitize account to save so much time and double entry!

Contact Us

Customer completes website Contact Us form and a new Contact is automatically created in your Formitize CRM with notification.

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Get the best of both worlds as part of Greenhouse Creative with large agency capabilities & resources when needed.

Request a Job

Customer completes Request a Job form in website and new Sales Lead created in Formitize that can be converted to Job with 2 clicks.

Online Agreements

Your Formitize Pre-Inspection Agreement Webforms and Surveys all available on your website for customers to instantly complete.

Client Portal Link

Link already in place for the new Formitize Client Portal so your customers will be able to access their Web Portal from your site.

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Dive into our FAQs to learn more about how our integration with Formitize will enhance your businesses processes!

What is the Formitize integration?

The Formitize integration allows your website to seamlessly connect with your Formitize account. This ensures that inquiries and job requests made via the website are automatically populated in your Formitize platform, streamlining data collection and management.

How does this integration benefit my business?

With the Formitize integration, manual data entry is minimized, reducing errors and saving time. It centralises your data source, ensuring you have a consistent and accurate view of your business interactions.

Is the integration secure?

Absolutely! We prioritise the security of your data. The integration is designed with robust security measures to ensure the safe transfer and storage of your information.

Do I need a separate Formitize account for the integration?

Yes, you'll need an active Formitize account. If you don't have one, we can guide you on how to set it up.

Can I customise the data fields that get transferred to Formitize?

Yes, the integration is flexible. We can tailor the data fields to ensure that the information most relevant to your business is transferred to your Formitize account.

What if I face issues post-integration?

We're here to support you. If you encounter any challenges or have questions post-integration, our team is on standby to assist and ensure smooth operations.

Are there any additional costs associated with this integration?

The integration is designed to add value to your website offering. Any potential costs will be discussed upfront, ensuring transparency.