Bringing the heat with a brand refresh!

Mobius Fire

Mobius Fire, a fire engineering consultant company, partnered with us for a comprehensive rebranding project. With a focus on creating a more professional image and expanding its market reach, Mobius Fire sought a dynamic brand suite that would convey trustworthiness and expertise. The result was a captivating brand identity that showcased a unique flame icon intertwined with a Mobius strip, setting them apart in the industry and helping them attract new clients and talented professionals.
June 27, 2023

Identifying the Challenge

Mobius Fire, a fire engineering consultant company, approached the team with a clear objective: to elevate their brand and create a more professional image. With a decade-old brand identity, Daniel sought to refresh their look, increase brand awareness, and attract potential new markets. Daniel also aimed to position themselves as a trusted and reputable firm in the industry while expanding their team.

The Potting Shed Approach

Understanding Mobius Fire's goals and vision, we embarked on a comprehensive rebranding journey. Our first step was to develop an impactful brand suite that would convey professionalism and credibility. We collaborated closely with the client to define the desired qualities of the new brand identity, focusing on uniformity, cleanliness, and symmetry. The challenge was to create an identity that symbolised a mobius, fire and trustworthiness while maintaining a modern and professional aesthetic.

Crafting the Solution

We successfully delivered a dynamic brand suite that exceeded Mobius Fire's expectations. The primary identity showcased a distinctive flame icon intertwined with a Mobius strip, representing unity and the specialised nature of their fire engineering services. The brand was designed to be versatile and adaptable across various collateral, ensuring consistent branding throughout their communication materials. we delivered both primary and secondary identities along with a brand mark. Additionally, the brand mark included both a full-colour version and a geometric outlined version, providing flexibility in different applications.

The new brand identity helped the company achieve a fresh and professional image, positioning them as a trusted player in the industry. The collaboration and partnership between us and Daniel from Mobius Fire resulted in a successful brand transformation that aligned with the client's objectives. The dynamic brand suite empowered Mobius Fire to showcase their expertise, build trust with their audience, and stand out in a competitive market.