Crafting a Winning Brand!

Dominant Thoroughbreds

Dominant Thoroughbreds, a budding startup in Wollongong, NSW, aspired to revolutionise the horse racing industry by offering a unique blend of services and experiences. Faced with the challenge of crafting a brand that resonated with both sophisticated investors and general horse racing enthusiasts, they turned to The Potting Shed Agency. Through a deep understanding of the industry and the client's vision, we developed a brand identity that seamlessly combined sophistication, community, and excitement. Our holistic approach ensured that Dominant Thoroughbreds emerged as a trusted guide in the racing world, offering an investment and a memorable journey for racehorse owners.
September 11, 2023

Identifying the Challenge

Dominant Thoroughbreds, a startup based in Wollongong, NSW, is aiming to redefine the horse racing industry by not only sourcing racehorses for buyers but also by managing the entire career of the purchased horse for their clients. The challenge was to create a brand that encapsulated a sophisticated yet engaging experience. They wanted to nurture a community of horse enthusiasts who could revel in their horse's journey and also engage with the stories of others. The brand needed to appeal to both sophisticated individuals with entrepreneurial spirits and the general punter keen on understanding and investing in horse racing.

The Potting Shed Approach

Understanding the unique blend of sophistication, community, and excitement that Dominant Thoroughbreds wanted to convey, The Potting Shed delved deep into the world of horse racing. We recognised the need for a brand voice that was articulate and professional yet warm and inclusive. Our approach was to infuse racing lingo into the brand's communication, fostering a sense of community and familiarity. We aimed to strike a balance, ensuring the brand resonated with both the sophisticated investor and the general horse racing enthusiast.

Crafting the Solution

The Potting Shed crafted a brand identity that was a true reflection of Dominant Thoroughbreds' values and vision.

  • Positioning: We positioned Dominant Thoroughbreds as the trusted guide in the racing industry, emphasising the unique journey they offer to racehorse owners. It wasn't just about investment; it was about the experience and the community.
  • Brand Voice: A tone that's articulate and professional, yet warm and friendly was developed. Equestrian lingo was seamlessly woven into the communication, building a bridge between the brand and its audience.
  • Brand Personality: The brand was given a multifaceted personality – sophisticated, energetic, passionate, inclusive, and trustworthy. This ensured that every touchpoint, be it communication or visual representation, echoed these traits.
  • Visual Identity: A visual identity was crafted that mirrored the brand's sophisticated yet energetic personality. The design elements chosen were modern and dynamic, resonating with the brand's target audience.

The result was a brand that not only stood out in the horse racing industry but also created a sense of belonging and community among its audience.